LaRouche National Slate Issues Emergency Call To Action: Glass-Steagall Our Last Chance
April 18, 2012 • 10:24PM

by Kesha Rogers on behalf of the national LaRouche candidates slate for Congress

Any talk about a recovery, and economic stability by The Obama Administration, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or anyone else, is a lie. The whole European Monetary Union is blowing now; all their bailout mechanisms are failing, and its collapse is about to blow back in the face of the so-called "U.S. recovery". Under the current arrangement the entire integrated trans-Atlantic banking system is on its last leg. The dollar is hopelessly tied to the Euro, as the Federal Reserve has been conducting backdoor bailouts of Euro-bonds through "currency swaps" and other tricks since 2010. The growing flames of collapse of this trans-Atlantic system have continued to be fed by the financial speculators with more worthless bailouts, along with a murderous policy of austerity against the nations of Europe and the United States. The debt is growing exponentially, and the ability to pay it is collapsing, thus, leading to the inevitability of hyperinflation throughout the entire trans-Atlantic region, soon spreading throughout the rest of the planet.

Avoiding this catastrophe requires action, and action now! The national slate of LaRouche candidates for Congress, is issuing an Emergency call to action for the first step toward recovery, the immediate reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act (in Congress now as H.R. 1489). Glass-Steagall reorganization would immediately dry up the worthless assets of the financial oligarchy, and render it harmless, through the separation of banks managing credit and deposits on the one hand and investment banks on the other. Once this action is taken, we must move immediately toward restoring a national credit policy modeled on our U.S. Constitution for investments into scientific and long-term physical economic programs, such as the development of the NAWAPA XXI, and a program for planetary defense.

We Have No Time To Lose!

This is not merely a policy of banking, but a policy of survival, and a real recovery plan for the development of truly sovereign nation states. It is time for the population and our elected officials to wake up now, and get moving in this urgent demand for Glass-Steagall. There must be no more hesitation! Glass-Steagall is the only thing that can save the American economy at the point of acceleration pf the breakdown crisis.

Economist Lyndon LaRouche put it succinctly: There are only two possible outcomes in the near future. “Whether civilization will crash, which is a possibility, or whether there will be a recovery of civilization, this decision will be made largely in Continental Europe, including Russia, and the United States." Through our campaign, our slate intends to make sure that the latter option prevails.

The interventions of LaRouche and our candidates nationally and internationally are sending shock waves across the planet. The upcoming April 22nd elections in France could become a breakout situation with the growing influence of French presidential candidate, Jacques Cheminade, who is running on the campaign theme: “A world without the City or Wall Street, great infrastructure works for tomorrow." With Jacques leading the charge in France, combined with our national slate here in the U.S., we can break the back of this financial oligarchy once and for all, and reestablish a commitment to human progress. As French Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade declared, "We must take this financial bull by the horns: illegitimate debt must be eliminated, so that priority goes to human labor and high technologies." This must be the new direction for developing sound relations once again throughout the trans-Atlantic community and throughout the world as the basis for human progress. This is the fight that must be waged and the only fight worth fighting.

Do You Have the Guts to Join Us?

Will you fight now to ensure the survival of humanity? Join our call to action now wherever you are! Call your member of Congress; testify on behalf of Glass-Steagall before your local city council. Your Future, and your children's future, depend on what you do.


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