April 14th 2012 • 5:00PM

The Fight for Glass Steagall is gaining traction in Italy. In this report we review those developments of the last days and week.

March 22nd 2012 • 3:40PM

Lyndon LaRouche was the guest on the Alex Jones show March 22nd, the focus of which was the imminent threat of an out-break of thermonuclear war.

March 5th 2012 • 8:00PM

LPACTV's Hector Rivas interviews Progressive Democratic Presidential candidate Darcy Richardson on why he is running, why the Obama Administration is a failure and what we can do to rescue the nation.

April 2nd 2012 • 2:00PM

The following is a update regarding a popular initiative recently launched by the Lega Nord opposition party in Italy for the implementation of the Glass Steagall law.

March 14th 2012 • 1:59AM

On January 31st French Presidential candidate, and Lyndon LaRouche co-thinker Jacques Cheminade, caused an immediate shock wave across France when he announced that he had obtained the 500 signed commitments from elected officials needed to acquire Presidential ballot status.

February 17th 2012 • 5:56PM

During the February 17th, 2012 Khari Enaharo interview with Lyndon LaRouche, Khari asked what Mr LaRouche what would be the immediate steps he would take if he was elected President.

Morning Report · April 23, 2012
April 23rd 2012 • 8:00AM

A growing spirit of national resistance to imperial financial dictatorship is emerging in nations across the transatlantic world. Our job in the United States is to organize a juggernaut for the three-fold solution: Glass-Steagall, National Banking, and NAWAPA -- and we have very little time to win.

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