Post-Election Statement from Jacques Cheminade: Preparing for the Storm Ahead
April 24, 2012 • 7:02AM

The following statement was issued today by former Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade.

"The result of the Presidential elections corresponds, alas, to what could be expected. The run-off will unfold between François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy anticlimactically. François Hollande, absent a tacit agreement between Nicolas Sarkozy, certain elements of the Front National and the pseudo-centrists, will win the second round on May 6. However, he is not now prepared to cope with the offensive that the City of London and Wall Street will launch against France, because his propensity toward consensus leads him to underestimate the financial oligarchy's reaction.

"Under such conditions, as of May 7, either François Hollande will show signs of resisting the world of finance and will thus face an all-out offensive for which he is ill prepared. Thus, that is why we will have to support him by ourselves becoming, in France, in Europe, and in the world, the vanguard of this resistance and by expanding the struggle. Otherwise he will give in, in the image of François Mitterrand did, and proceed to carry out a social purge, more or less moderate. In that case, we will have to expose his subservience and oppose it uncompromisingly.

"As for myself, during this campaign, I've been subjected to a policy of exclusion, taken to the extreme by the Le Monde which put me on the Index, or a policy of defamation, in which the March 21 broadcast on " La Chaîne Parlementaire" was the most appalling and revealing example.

"Therefore, the votes I did receive came from determined activists, who took my program seriously, by overcoming the dubious image this policy attempted to propagate.

"It is with these voter-activists that we will field 100 candidates in the June 10 legislative elections, who will show in the coming storm, that they are as capable as I am to argue for our ideas.

"My thoughts go to the 585 mayors who presented my candidacy, to the activists of Solidarité & Progrès who fought with all their heart, and to all those whom I met in our organizing in the street. They also go also to to the workers at Petroplus, Schindler, the Fonderies du Poitou, Erhel Hydris, Fournier Laboratories, PSA-Aulnay, and Florange-Mittal, whose workplaces are immediately threatened by the looting of the financial system in which we live.

"My every determination will go to supporting our 100 candidates, men and women, who will be the reference points in the approaching storm and who will show the way out to safety."