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August 1st 2013 • 7:29PM
July 29th 2013 • 6:28PM
July 22nd 2013 • 6:27PM
July 30th 2013 • 11:55PM

LaRouchePAC Policy Committee statement declaring intent to bankrupt Wall Street. Transcript available for press.

July 26th 2013 • 12:36AM

Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) gave a Special Orders speech on the floor of the House of Representatives on July 23, 2013, calling on Members of Congress to co-sponsor her bill to restore Glass-Steagall to end the destruction of the nation, contrasting the looting of Detroit to the massive profits of the looters, especially JP Morgan Chase.

Transcript of speech:

July 18th 2013 • 11:12PM

A brief report from the week's organizing carried out by several LaRouchePAC activists, from the New York and New Jersey region. The activists lobbied throughout the U.S. Congress, and received a number of responses and indications of the level of Wall St. control over the Congress, as well as responses to the three-step solution of LaRouchePAC.

Morning Overview • April 25th, 2012
April 25th 2012 • 6:13AM

Today, the featured video on LPACTV is the Weekly Report with Lyndon LaRouche coming up at 4pm Eastern Standard Time. Also on, are two statements from the LPAC endorsed federal slate of democrats. A statement by Diane Sare, titled “Obama is the Atrocity,” and a statement by Kesha Rogers, “A Threefold Solution For The Survival of the Human Species: Act Now.”

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