Russia's UN Envoy: NO to Syrian Regime Change
April 28, 2012 • 10:32AM

Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, gave a solid "no" to CNN Reporter Christiane Amanpour's abrasive attacks on Russia's refusal to give any ground on regime change in Syria:

Amanpour: Does Russia say this is enough [killing in Syria]?

Churkin: You know, you — the threshold has been exceeded already. You know, in our view, the conflict could have been stopped last August, when we initiated the presidential statement under the Security Council, which said all parties must stop violence from all sides—violence must be stopped, and there must be a Syrian-led political process, an all-inclusive political process.

Instead, the regime change scenario stepped in, which we had to block by our vetoes in the Security Council.

Amanpour: And you've also been — so you're blocking what you believe to be regime change. You also say, you yourself have been quoted as saying this latest resolution proves that the Libyan model has been retired. Is this payback for what you believe to have been double-dealing [inaudible]?

Churkin: No, this is not a payback, but we need to be particularly careful, because what was so, in the situation of Libya, was that the Security Council resolution was manipulated and its terms were greatly exceeded by those who were effecting the regime change in Libya. And you should understand. Our problem is not with Qaddafi having been overthrown.... Our problem is that the price of it was the manipulation of decisions of the Security Council. So every time we look now at a draft of a Security Council resolution and similar situations, we have to be very careful in not allowing any misinterpretation of those resolutions.