Momentum for Anti-ESM Referendum Building in Germany
May 1, 2012 • 7:58AM

Over the past days, and not least because of the input of the LaRouche movement, the call for an anti-ESM referendum, and for injunction initiatives in the Constitutional Court, have gained ground in the broad, but also somewhat heterogeneous anti-ESM movement in Germany.

In particular, the call for referendum issued by the Bavarian section of the German Taxpayers Association is of interest, because it includes a passage borrowed from the BueSo. The Bavarian call says the ESM has to be stopped because it would be a speculative mega-bank and would lead into financial dictatorship and hyperinflation. The call concludes with a quote from an exclusive report which the BueSo had on remarks that former Bundesbank and ECB official Otmar Issing made at the 60th anniversary event of the financial market daily Boersenzeitung in Berlin, against the ESM, four weeks ago.

Also the Freie Waehler (Free Voters), a conglomerate of local and regional voter groups organized independently of, and in opposition to, the establishment parties, which is also running for seats in the May 13 North Rhine-Westphalia state elections, called for a referendum on the Fiscal Pact and the ESM. Detlef Hagenbruch, manager of the N.R.W. section of Freie Waehler, said: "One can see that a large part of the political representatives have not understood even the basics of our financial system. They ought to have understood that it is meaningless to pump ever more money into a system that is based on debt and credit. If they had understood that, they would also know why they could not under any circumstances vote for the ESM Treaty in its present draft—if they can read the text of treaties at all."

The national chairman of Freie Waehler, Hubert Aiwanger added: "We want to force politics back to reason. It is insane, if politicians vote for this ESM Treaty, because then, the Federal Republic will be turned in the intermediate term into a mere money machine and bureaucratic apparatus for EU officials, and the sovereignty of the state is being cut down massively. That is an emasculation of the parliament. That must not happen without a people's referendum, and if the people learn what the EMS implies, they would never vote for it."