Letter: Obama Has Turned America from "the Greatest Nation" to "the Most Dangerous Nation"
May 2, 2012 • 8:01AM

The Naples News of Florida has a citizen letter posted May 1 from Andrew R. Joppa, one of the many millions of Americans who despise Obama for what he has done to the nation.

The letter concerns the creation of the Atrocities Prevention Board and is titled: "It has come to this."

"The greatest nation in the history of the world, the United States of America, has now become, as a result of the ideological corruption of President Barack Obama, the most dangerous nation on the planet.

"This president has demonstrated a complete disdain for the Constitution, an expressed desire to achieve his end by working around the Congress, and has created his own government within our government through a series of czars that have assumed unconstitutional powers.

"With the cooperation of a sycophant media and a spineless opposition, Obama has brought this nation to a point of being only a grotesque distortion of its former self.

"Obama's bloodless coup now deepens with the addition of a czar to head the new Atrocities Prevention Board. This creates an executive branch capacity of using any standard it chooses to interfere with the internal process of any other nation. Leading this board will be Samantha Power, the wife of the unregulated regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein.

"If you don't remember Power, she once called for a U.S. force to invade Israel and force through a "peace settlement," while offering some unflattering comments about America's Jewish population during the 2008 campaign. [This factoid is a frequently repeated falsehood that tries to establish Power as a "friend" of Palestinians—Editor]

"To suggest Power is a 'hawk' is to vastly understate her belief that the United States should become militarily involved wherever and whenever the executive branch decides to impose its ideology.

"We know only one thing for sure about an atrocity board under a re-elected Obama, headed by the unconstrained Power — it will commit atrocities."