So You Wish to Talk about Jobs?
May 3, 2012 • 6:45PM

by Diane Sare, on behalf of the LaRouche National Candidates movement

If you do, you are probably sick of being lied to about US unemployment data, which alleges that only about 9% of our population is unemployed. That fictitious figure was arrived at by throwing millions of Americans out of the “workforce” arbitrarily. Real unemployment is at least double that, and among young people and African American men it is higher still.

So, how do we get these millions of people back to work, or to work for the first time? American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche announced over the past week, that the US has now reached a break point – a point of no return, in terms of the physical ability to produce. For example, two years ago, the Wichita, Kansas Boeing plant had openings for 9,000 more workers, but these positions were vacant because of the shortage of highly skilled workers in the United States. Today, because of the collapse of the global economy, those jobs are gone, plus Boeing had to lay off an additional 2,000 people! That’s 11,000 productive jobs lost in ONE city!

As most people know, of the shrinking amount of goods produced globally, a smaller and smaller portion is “made in America.” For example, over 80 percent of the merchandise sold at Wal-Mart is made in China. 60 percent of goods sold at Target are made in China. The United States now imports up to 20 percent of our food overall, and of that, 85 percent of seafood consumed here is imported!

The truth of the matter is, not only are there no jobs, but we are facing Dark Age conditions because we don’t even produce what we consume! All over America people are experiencing brown-outs and blackouts, because we don’t even produce enough energy; let alone water shortages, and shortages of investment into crucial basic hard and soft infrastructure, like health care and education, not to mention law enforcement, and other first responders.

On the one hand, it’s a perfect match: millions of unemployed people, and massive amounts of work to be done! So why isn’t it happening? Because for the last 12 years we have been under British Empire puppet presidencies. Remember George Bush and Paulson demanding the first bailout in September 2008? Now, under Obama, we have spent about $29 trillion, all to bail out gambling debts of London and Wall Street, while bleeding our cities, states, and senior citizens to death.

The only way to change course, is to remove Obama from office through impeachment, now. Waiting for the elections will solve nothing because Mitt Romney has the same policies as Obama. Then, the three steps which must be taken are the immediate reinstatement of FDR’s original Glass-Steagall Act, a return to American system national banking, and the construction of NAWAPA XXI, which will create well over 4 million jobs. What are you waiting for?

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