May 4, 2012 • 6:30PM

by Kesha Rogers, on behalf of the national movement of LaRouche candidates

It is time for Americans to start acting like Americans again, and stop acting like British subjects. Stop being victims of an Empire that seeks to keep you enslaved, and which would like for you to accept the conditions of being nothing more than herded cattle, with no control over your own future. It is now time for you to break the mental shackles that keep you saying, “But I am just one person. Look at how powerful they are. How can someone like me really do anything to make a difference?”

You are not just one person. There is a national movement around our national LaRouche slate of candidates for Congress. Our slate has the guts to do what no one else will do, to identify the real source of the threat to our great republic and to sovereign nation states throughout the world, that of the British Empire, and the monied interests of Wall Street and the city of London.

As the drafters of our Constitution outlined in its preamble, it is “we the people” who are responsible for maintaining the defense, tranquility, justice, and welfare of our nation and its posterity. We do this not by merely voting at scheduled times, but by daily participation in bringing about the future we would like to have created for our grandchildren's grandchildren, when we have long passed from this earth. This loving devotion, to the betterment of even those whom we will never meet, is the sword and shield we must carry onto the battlefield of political change, to defeat the oligarchical enemy of humanity. To find that strength you must educate your emotions and intellect in the best that humanity has to offer, and immerse yourself in the most profound ideas respecting man and nature. Pull together the mental image of the world you will have built for your grandchildren, and live there, in that future, when you act here and now with us, to save this republic. This is how you will truly break free of the smallness and fears that keep you from taking up your responsibility as a citizen.

Thinking this way, our national campaign slate has already dealt serious blows to this empire, first with the victory of my congressional nomination in 2010, rallying not only the 22nd district, but raising the call for impeaching Obama and the full funding of our manned space program to the national level. Our daily "boots on the ground" style organizing has forced federal legislation, HR 1489, to be introduced to reinstate the Glass-Steagall banking act, now with over 58 cosponsors in the Congress. Our fight against the unconstitutional actions of this president, has provoked the introduction of a resolution in congress, HCR107, which outlines the impeachability of any president who launches military action without the expressed consent of congress, and an active Impeach Obama 2012 is sweeping the nation. We have recruited new candidates to put real issues like Glass-Steagall, national banking, and NAWAPA XXI as their campaign platform. We're forming right now, the principled congressional committees to replace this sold out government. Join this fight, and build this effort, because when these candidates start winning their primaries, it will clearly demonstrate that the American people have awakened, are now taking charge of our nation, and are not going to submit to distractions or tyranny any longer.

It is time for ‘we the people’, in order to form a more perfect Union, to FIGHT. You have a reason to be optimistic. That reason is in understanding the creative powers of the human mind. There are clear, proven solutions. Don’t be a victim; we have the enemy on the defensive and we're closing in for the final victory. Join with our national slate to crush this empire once and for all, and unleash a new golden age of renaissance for all mankind.

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