Russian Institute Releases Strategy for Arctic Development
May 5, 2012 • 10:22AM

A report issued recently by the Council for the Study of Productive Forces at the request of the Russian President, outlines an ambitious program of infrastructural development in the Arctic region, including a significant upgrading of the scientific and space capabilities, and the outfitting of a fully equipped transcontinental sea corridor, the Northern Transportion Corridor, through the polar seas.

The report also lays out a program for a major transformation in the quality of life in the region, with a significant investment in medical, educational and cultural facilities. This is meant to prepare the basis for recruitment of young qualified workers and engineers to move to the region as an expanded work force. It includes major infrastructural development of the river and rail systems connecting the Northern Transportation Corridor, which will stretch from Murmansk to Khabarovsk, with the rest of the nation. The scientific capabilities in the polar region will also be significantly upgraded to study both the geology, the chemistry, the hydrographics, and the hydrology of this important region as the magnetic and ionospheric traits of this extreme northern region of the globe.