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June 20th 2013 • 1:23PM

LaRouchepac Organizers report on their intervention at the D.C. Anti-IRS rally.

January 18th 2013 • 12:33PM

Kesha Rogers, a leading member of the LPAC Policy Committee, reports on the Glass-Steagall mobilization she and delegation of LPAC organizers are involved in in Austin, Texas.

November 12th 2012 • 5:47PM

Diane Sare, member of the LaRouche national electoral policy committee and former candidate for US House of Representatives, announces her campaign for Governor of the state of New Jersey against Chris Christie.

May 7th 2013 • 9:44PM

Hector Rivas reports from Washington D.C. on some of the initial responses from LaRouchePAC's week of action, mobilizing in the U.S. Capitol for the international thrust for Glass-Steagall.

November 23rd 2012 • 2:48PM

A round-trip human expedition to Mars, using current technology, would take two to three years. On such missions, astronauts would lose both muscle and bone mass, and would be exposed to large doses of cosmic rays and solar energetic particles. The cargo required for such a mission would require 9 launches of the largest class rocket for a manned Mars mission.

October 30th 2012 • 3:50PM

Former congressional candidate Diane Sare speaks from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on the far more devastating effects of a thermonuclear war, and the need for Obama's removal.

On the Ground: YPF Returns to Argentina
May 6th 2012 • 7:22AM

In a historic vote in the Argentine Congress May 3, 2012, the nation regains sovereign control over the first state-directed petroleum company in the world, YPF (Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales).

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