Britain’s Thermonuclear War and Russia’s Warning

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During a two-day international conference on anti-ballistic missile (ABM) systems hosted by the Russian government, Russian officials issued a stark warning to anyone thinking that Russia will be a victim of the British-run, U.S. backed efforts to trigger thermonuclear World War III.

On May 3rd the Chief of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff, Gen. Nikolai Makarov, warned that pre-emptive action against NATO's missile defense system stationed in Europe is a definite potential, if NATO continues to refuse to address Russia's concerns that the planned ABM system has ability to shoot down Russian Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and would undermine Russian security and therefore undermine their own strategic nuclear deterrent.

Makarov said, "The geographical regions and technical characteristics of these missile defense systems create the foundations for additional dangers, especially considering the current and future levels of high-precision armament of the United States...There are just no targets for the missile defense shield other than Russia." He continued, “[Given the] destabilizing nature of the missile defense system... the decision on the preemptive use of available weapons will be made during an aggravation of the situation."

Realize, as the Russian government has, that Makarov’s warning takes place in a much broader context where the current and still-in-process military buildup of U.S. Aircraft carriers, and submarines, in the Persian Gulf, and Pacific coast near Washington State and California, house over 1000’s of times the nuclear firepower that shook Hiroshima. Thermonuclear war is a very clear and very present danger.

On May 4th, following Makarov’s warning, American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche published “The Showdown Has Now Begun” on There he emphasizes that the buildup, under British direction1The mysterious death of British weapons expert Dr. David Kelly played a key role in suppressing the truth that the “Yellow Cake” hoax, used by the Bush presidency to start war with Iraq, was indeed a dirty lie. Tony Blair was at the center of a concerted effort to push the George W. Bush presidency into war, and now, under Obama, too. by the Obama administration presently, is a conflict in which Russia has stated explicitly that it reserves the right to strike the proposed ABM systems preemptively if the construction of phase one of the U.S. missile defense system in Europe continues and is completed at the end of May. Read this brief section from "The Showdown has now begun":

The present British imperial intention in this matter, is to either launch war against Russia, or terrify it into a degree of submission under which Russia would lose its capacity for resistance to the intended global tyranny of the British imperial instruments operating from a roster of nations which have been reduced to virtual puppets of Queen Elizabeth II and her lackey-like Obama puppet. The current NATO threat of war against Russia, is the pivot of this moment on which the choice of either planetary thermonuclear warfare, or the peacefully productive survival of the planet, now depends.

Now, having said that much as a matter of introduction of the subject of the present war-like actions by Britain against Russia, consider how such a mere British puppet of doubtful foreign, and massive financial backing, such as Barack Obama, comes to play a crucially significant role in the British empire’s current launch of threatened nuclear warfare against President Vladimir Putin’s Russia. It is the nature of the British financial backing of Obama which forces a special kind of attention to that subject.

The actually present intention of the British Empire and its puppets among our own citizens, as among the peoples of western Europe, is to proffer the choice of two options to the nations of Russia and Asia. The first choice is the subjugation of all western and central Europe to the category of British imperial puppets, as we witness in Greece, Spain, Portugal, and probably, soon, Italy; the alternative choice is the use of (principally) U.S.A. thermonuclear arsenals to bring about the virtual extinction of Russia—and, therefore, Russia’s return of fire within a very brief lapse of time within the framework of a U.S. launch by President Barack Obama in support of British intention. The pivot of that latter threat is that Russia condone a military build-up by U.S.A. and western and central European among the nations bordering Russia, a threat clearly intended to reduce Russia’s strategic position to a level of loss of capability for effective defense. The probable net outcome would include the thorough destruction of western and central Europe, and also the United States.

The fact of that matter is, that if Russia were crushed along the lines of either of those two, distinctly differing, indicated options presently presented to Russia, the British/Wall Street cabal would be freed to detonate a kind and scale of genocide on this planet which would be sufficient, on its own account, to reduce the human population of this planet to what the present Queen of England and her circles have demanded repeatedly, since the likeness of the late Bertrand Russell’s publicly stated intention to launch nuclear warfare against the Soviet Union in 1946.

The only power on this planet which could, or possibly would be enabled to launch an effective NATO attack on Russia, is centered in the backing supplied by a thermonuclear capability of the U.S. military organization, the Ohio class submarines in particular; but, the result of such an assault as that, would be the virtual extermination of human life through the continuing spread, for as much as a generation or more, of the threatened effects on any surviving portion of those remaining alive after such an exchange.

The May 3rd dispatches from the Presidency of Russia on these matters are to be recognized as existential in all their leading implications. No nation of this planet were likely to survive such a conflict, were such a conflict with Russia uncorked at this present juncture.

Read “THE SHOWDOWN HAS NOW BEGUN” in full on and help us stop the threat of a general thermonuclear war by removing President Obama from office under the 25th amendment. Take action now!


1The mysterious death of British weapons expert Dr. David Kelly played a key role in suppressing the truth that the “Yellow Cake” hoax, used by the Bush presidency to start war with Iraq, was indeed a dirty lie. Tony Blair was at the center of a concerted effort to push the George W. Bush presidency into war, and now, under Obama, too.

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