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September 10th 2013 • 5:11PM
September 9th 2013 • 10:20PM
September 2nd 2013 • 8:00AM

This week's LaRouchePAC in Action features an emphasis on the needed shift from the current paradigm of mutually assured destruction, via Thermonuclear war, to the outlook of LaRouchePAC, that of the commitment to Thermonuclear Fusion power, as the basis of a society committed to progress.

September 10th 2013 • 9:58AM

On September 8th, 2013, the occasion of his 91st birthday, Lyndon LaRouche delivered an address about the crisis that mankind now faces.

September 3rd 2013 • 5:44AM
August 27th 2013 • 12:50AM
May 8, 2012 · LPACTV Overview
May 8th 2012 • 7:59AM

Either we will walk the road to thermonuclear hell, or we will walk the road toward mankind’s future-- either way, the United States and Russia will take this walk together. With the re-election of President Putin, the Russian people have made their decision; it is up to us in the United States to make ours.

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