Russia Moves to Counter Blair Doctrine

by Bill Roberts, on behalf of LaRouche national candidates movement

The recently delivered warning by Gen. Nikolai Makarov, that Russia may launch a preemptive nuclear assault on NATO's missile defense system, should serve as an immediate wake up call to anyone who doubted the accuracy of Lyndon LaRouche's warnings of the countdown to thermonuclear war.

LaRouche warned several months ago that the capitulation by leading political figures in the U.S. to Obama's unlawful Libya invasion and murder of Gaddafi, was a recipe for the extinction of the human race, not at the hands of Obama per se, but by Obama's controllers among the circles of the British establishment. In desperation over their disintegrating monetary system, the British would push for a confrontation with Russia and China, LaRouche warned, in order to impose governance on nations that otherwise are committed to the scientific and cultural development of their populations. As we have seen from previous statements by Russia's leadership, they have no intention of caving in to these operations. Anyone familiar with the history of the Russian people knows that the tradition of patriotic resistance to foreign oppression runs very deep. In fact, this was the theme of a campaign speech given by Vladimir Putin to 130,000 supporters, which referenced the 1812 Battle of Bordino, the fight that marked the turning point in the war against Napoleon.

Last week, Chief of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff, Gen. Nikolai Makarov warned that a pre-emptive strike against NATO's missile defense system was being considered as one option to the problem that the European missile defense shield poses to strategic stability. At the present moment, the announcement of the operational capability of portions the European missile defense system is planned for the upcoming Chicago NATO Summit on May 20th. President Obama made clear to former Russian President Medvedev, in what he thought was an off -mic discussion in March, that he 'needs space' until after the U.S. elections. In other words, Obama is under orders to go through with the European Missile Shield and ignore the warnings of the Russians. So, as things now stand, a pre-emptive nuclear strike, potentially followed by an escalation to thermonuclear war is virtually pre-scheduled, unless Obama is ousted first.

The LaRouche National Slate of Candidates continues to lead the fight for a policy of war avoidance in the United States. That policy consists of: restoring Glass-Steagall, and implementing a Hamiltonian System of Credit with NAWAPA XXI as the keystone. Glass-Steagall bankrupts the banking cartels that have imposed bailouts and murderous austerity on nations. NAWAPA XXI means water, power, food and jobs for Americans, but it also means global cooperation for the development of the Arctic region and the building of the Bering Straits tunnel connection, a proposal that Russian Railways President Vladimir Yakunin has put forward numerous times in the recent months. In addition to offers to cooperate on the development of the Arctic frontier, Russian scientists have gone forward with a plan proposed for cooperation with the U.S. in November 2011: the Strategic Defense of Earth policy, a plan for joint defense of earth from both missiles and asteroids. If this agent of the British Empire Obama were not still our president, we would most likely already be collaborating on these programs.

This is not the time to sit on the sidelines. The deadly intention of Tony Blair and others to bring on the post-Westphalian era means you and your family and all of civilization are in immediate danger. Throw Obama out now if you wish to live to see the next election.

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