Club of Rome Launches "2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years", a Rehash of 1972 "Limits to Growth", But Sounding Doom
May 9, 2012 • 7:36AM

Monday in Rotterdam, the Club of Rome launched its new tract, 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years — a re-hash of its original 1972 The Limits to Growth, backing drastic population elimination — but this time forecasting mass death as inevitable, and soon.

The release of 2052 comes on the eve of an international meeting of the WWF (May 6-11), whose globalist operations are doing everything possible to undercut the conditions for continuation of mankind, on behalf of oligarchic networks on the side of extinction of the human species. The 2052 report will be out as an ebook June 1, all part of the run-up to the Rio+20 Summit June 20-21.

The principal author of the new report, Jorgan Randers, who was co-author in 1972, gave a media briefing in the lounge of the SS Rotterdam, in the city harbor, to release his bilge. He was joined by the Yolanda Kakadbadse, president of the WWF, and cohorts on a panel of ghouls. Randers said, "Humanity has overshot the Earth's resources..."

The 400-page report states that, "the process of adapting humanity to the planet's limitations has started," but it is too slow to prevent collapse. The report "raises the possibility that humankind might not survive on the planet if it continues on its path of overconsumption and short-termism," as reiterated in the May 7 Club of Rome press release. The report foresees that "global population will peak in 2042" at 8 billion, when there will be mass migration and chaos. There will be 3 billion poor at that time. Those with means, will have sufficient water, food and fossil fuel. Those with no means, won't get any.

Randers divided the world into five categories, and made sets of absurd trend lines about GDP, fossil fuels, planetary temperature rises, etc. — USA, China, OECD minus the USA, BRISE (Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa, and 10 emerging nations), and Rest of World (ROW), the remaining 140 world nations). He said that, "We are now in unsustainable territory." The worst factor is greenhouse gas emissions, even worse than lack of water, lack of food, and depletion of resources.

Randers outlined four priority actions: 1) have few children, especially in rich world; 2) reduce your ecological footprint, especially in rich nations, e.g., Holland; 3) construct low-carbon energy systems in the poor world, paid for by the rich world — build solar and wind; and 4) strengthen the global ability to act fast. End the extreme short-termism of nations now.

He also summarized the four "values" the WWF/Club of Rome networks are intensely pushing through churchs, schools, governments and other institutions: 1) education and empowerment [sic] of women 2) make it a "religious, moral message": don't use fossil fuels 3) change governments to be "fit for the next 40 years"; 4) limit income disparity and institute full employment [equality in the death camps].