Kesha Rogers Issues Message to Supporters in the Wake of Vicious Obama Attacks
May 10, 2012 • 7:29AM

Kesha Rogers, LaRouchePAC endorsed candidate for the Democratic party nomination for Congress in the 22nd C.D. in Texas, issued the following statement today.

In the last days, there has been a torrent of vicious, lying, and hate-filled attacks against me.

While they are coming, ostensibly, from cowardly and corrupt circles in the Fort Bend Democratic Party leadership, from supporters of my hapless opponent, K.P. George, don't be fooled. The real source of these attacks is the top level of the Obama campaign, which is acting through its pathetic local lackeys.

If this weren't so serious, perhaps we could dismiss this by saying that these lackeys are still hurting from the whipping I gave their two candidates in 2010, when I won the primary, with your support, receiving more than 52% of the votes. Perhaps it were more appropriate to refer to them as the Fort Bend-over Democrats!

But this is serious business. They are desperately afraid that voters are again responding to my campaign, and its call for the immediate removal of President Obama from the White House. Our nation is being destroyed by the City of London and Wall Street bankers who have bankrupted our nation, as their puppet, Barack Obama, has been giving, and continues to give, trillions of dollars to bankrupt speculators, instead of jailing them and putting their banks through bankruptcy reorganization, by reviving Glass-Steagall standards; it has protected crooked mortgage bankers, while presiding over ever-increasing rates of foreclosure and collapse in home equity; it is working back-room deals to dismantle Medicaid and Medicare, while trying to disguise the looting of the Social Security fund as a tax cut; it is lying about so-called job creation, when there are still more than 20 million unemployed and underemployed, and the jobs created are mostly part-time and low wage, with no benefits.

This is the President who proclaims he has the right to order the murder of American citizens, functioning ABOVE our Constitutional protections, asserting for himself the right to be judge, jury and executioner, while working through secret courts; who has given the military, through the NDAA, the right to indefinitely detain American citizens, depriving them of due process; who renewed Bush's Patriot Act, with more extensive provisions to spy on Americans; who has violated the Constitution's system of checks and balances, by taking away from Congress the Constitutional provision that it alone has the right to authorize war, as he did illegally in Libya, and he is preparing to do in Syria.

There is much more that can be said, but I want it to be clear, THAT I AM CALLING FOR BARACK OBAMA TO BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE, IMMEDIATELY! And I am willing and ready to debate K.P. George on this.

But he is hiding behind the skirts of local party hacks, like Fort Bend-over County Chairman Steve Brown, who has repeatedly tried to incite violence against me. Brown and his small number of supporters are nothing but political prostitutes, who have sold themselves to Obama — but are afraid of an open debate, because they know that most of you agree with me, that Obama should be removed from office immediately, and they are terrified that you will join us in our campaign!

Thus, instead of an open debate, they are now using "loyalty oaths", and discussing turning the party into a private club, which would exclude all those who disagree with them. This would return the party to the days of Jim Crow, when segregationists tried to keep the party "pure."

But this is our party, not theirs. We represent the Democratic Party of Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon LaRouche, which they have abandoned, preferring instead the pro-Wall Street, anti-Constitutional policies of George W. Bush! But Obama has not yet abolished elections — though he might want to, after having four in ten Democrats vote against him in the West Virginia primary — and has not yet taken away your right to vote.

I am calling on you to redouble your efforts, these next two-and-a-half weeks. Come out and organize with us, talk to your friends and neighbors, check out my website. We cannot let our nation be destroyed, by having to choose between two candidates owned by the same anti-American, London-based imperial financial interests, Obama and Romney.

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