Sergei Ivanov: Russia To Step Up Space-Based Military Systems
June 20, 2007 • 3:50PM

Space-based weaponry was the subject of a session of Russia's Military-Industrial Commission, chaired yesterday by First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov. According to a national news report on state television, RTR Vesti, he laid out a 10-year plan for the country's military forces in space. Ivanov talked about "the foreseeable future" in two different ways: "Though the probability of military actions against the Russian Federation in the foreseeable future is small," he said, "we should be prepared for any possible scenarios of events." The former Defense Minister also said, in the same breath, "In the foreseeable future, it can be anticipated that the main objectives of war will be achieved primarily through air and space intelligence and strike forces."

The purpose of Tuesday's meeting was to concretize implementation of a document signed by President Vladimir Putin on April 6, called "Concept of Air and Space Defense of the Russian Federation Until 2016." It requires a multi-agency effort, said Ivanov.