November 22nd 2011 • 3:40PM

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Interview with Executive Intelligence Review's Agriculture Economist, Marcia Merry Baker, on the current global food crisis which threatens to strike as soon as this winter. Baker goes through the immediate global contingency measures that must be taken now to thwart such a crisis, as well as a long-term perspective for food production fit for a space-faring species like ours.

October 8th 2011 • 5:33PM

On Saturday, October 8, Lyndon LaRouche warned of an likely British backed coup inside the United States via Barack Obama as an attempt to deal with the fall out of the Trans-Atlantic monetary system. We feature that warning here along with the just released Three Steps To Recovery? report now posted on the front page of this website.

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September 22nd 2011 • 1:00PM

Interview with EIR online agriculture economist, Marcia Merry Baker, detailing the current severity of the shortage in availiable food and the dark age conditions we should expect if we don't stop the continued crimes of Obama, speculators, and so called environmentalists.

October 12th 2011 • 11:54AM

"The fact that the Slovak government has fallen, does mean that the next two weeks apparently in Europe, are going to be quite chaotic and dangerous. What you're dealing with is the collapse of the entire financial system, or perhaps much more."

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September 24th 2011 • 9:54PM

Vladimir Putin has taken the world by surprise, announcing not only his own candidacy for President of Russia, but also Dmitri Medvedev’s parallel candidacy for Prime Minister, outflanking London's divide-and-conquer strategy. Now the United States must reciprocate Putin’s bold move, by giving the British Empire a little surprise of our own: the immediate removal of Obama from the Presidency.

September 16th 2011 • 3:22PM

For the coming elections in Germany this Sunday, Lyndon and Helga LaRouche discuss international politics, from both an American and European point of view.

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Bankrupt Europe Threatens Argentina
May 19th 2012 • 3:00PM

Bankrupt Europe lectures Argentina on economic policy. Spain makes threats over the nationalization of the petroleum company YPF. Meanwhile, young professionals are fleeing Spain en masse and settling in Argentina, where they have opportunities in the fields of science and technology.

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