Dumping Obama is the Key to Avoiding War
May 18, 2012 • 2:21PM

The following is a written statement by Congressional Candidate Bill Roberts MI - 11

At an International Legal Forum held in St. Petersburg Thursday, Russian Federation Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev spoke concretely about the danger facing human civilization if regime change operations like the ones planned for Syria and Iran are carried out. “Such actions which undermine state sovereignty can easily lead to full-scale regional wars even...with the use of nuclear weapons.” Medvedev, speaking on the eve of the upcoming G-8 summit to be held at Camp David, warned once more what the consequences will be if the U.S. and NATO allies do not abandon the policy of launching illegal pre-emptive wars and other policies which violate the sovereignty of nations.

As both Medvedev and leading members of the Russian military have recently made clear, Russia absolutely will not tolerate violations of international law which threaten their stability, including the “right to protect” doctrine of the Obama Administration's so-called Atrocities Prevention Board. This is not war-mongering on the part of Russia. Nor are these idle threats. This is a wake up call to all Americans that Obama must be thrown out of office immediately. Make no mistake – this drive for war comes from the desperation of the British Monarchy and Tony Blair, who run Obama's policy top-down. As much as the collapse of the euro-sector is an opportunity for long term cooperation of all nations around scientific and economic progress, it represents an existential crisis for the empire, who knows of know other response than to foment war – whatever the consequences of that war may be.

Throwing out President Obama now, is the only sane and responsible action available to avoid the real atrocities to humankind that Prime Minister Medvedev speaks of. Given his many repeated violations of the Constitution, President Obama is probably over-qualified for impeachment and should therefore also be removed using section 4 of the 25th Ammendment.

For a handful of patriots in government, the reality of this has become alarmingly clear. Legislation has been introduced by Walter Jones (R-NC) in the House and Jim Webb (D-VA) in the Senate, holding the threat of impeachment over Obama's head, should the high crimes committed in the illegal invasion of Libya be committed again. These and other actions, while good, are not yet sufficient and we must escalate.

Let me repeat if it is not yet clear: throwing Obama out now is the only efficient war avoidance policy, period.

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