LPAC Deployment at the G8 Summit Gets International Coverage
May 20, 2012 • 1:23PM

More coverage of the LPAC deployment at the G6 summit in Camp David appeared in numerous newspapers and websites around the world today.

Euronews (the European all-news TV broadcast) ran a short item on "Lackluster Protest at G8 Talk," featuring two LPAC organizers with close-up shots of their posters: the Obama mustache sign and Glass Steagall. They also quoted Ben Deniston's comments about the financial and war crises. EuroNews' Portugal website posted a written item featuring Deniston and "supporters of the always controversial Lyndon LaRouche, with the message that 'the people of the US and Europe have to mobilize, and force leaders to face the real crisis. The idea of continuing to bailout the system doesn't work."

The London Independent (among others) ran a Reuters wire, with a picture of our table with both the "Glass Steagall or Die" poster and the Obama mustache, with the caption: "... LaRouche organization protests against U.S. President Barack Obama's policies during the G-8 Summit taking place at presidential retreat Camp David in Thurmont, Maryland."