London to NATO Summit: Do Not Blink on The BDM; The Russians are "Not Militarily Significant"
May 21, 2012 • 8:00AM

On the eve of the summit, the London Economist published a policy piece saying that NATO and the U.S. should not heed Russian strategic warnings, but should stick to a hard line. The article, "Rethink the reset: NATO should not give in to Russian aggression," is a mixture of dangerously foolish bluffing and suicidal idiocy.

"For 20 years NATO has wooed the Kremlin," they write, and all it has gotten in return is that "Russia's behavior to NATO is becoming nastier. The chief of the general staff, Nikolai Makarov, recently spoke openly about a first strike against future American missile-defense installations in Poland and Romania. Russia has conducted ostentatious military drills on its border with the Baltic states, NATO's most vulnerable members. Vladimir Putin, newly reinstalled in the Kremlin, has gone back to bashing the West."

NATO should not try to negotiate some deal around BMD, in exchange for Russia cooling their rhetoric, the Economist argues. "Wooing Russia this way would be a mistake. America's missile-defense plans are aimed at Iran, not Russia... Russian sabre-rattling is not militarily significant... Russia is no military match for a united NATO. But it does signal unpleasant thinking at the top, and a desire to bully."