Fort Bendover "Democrats" Admit They Are Losers!
May 21, 2012 • 7:36PM

With the Texas primary just one week away, it is evident to anyone paying attention, that there is only one candidate in the race for the Democratic Party nomination for Congress in the 22nd District who is offering solutions to the deadly crisis brought on by the collapsing British Empire, and its U.S. puppet, President Obama. Kesha Rogers, part of a national slate of LaRouchePAC endorsed candidates, has been everywhere in the district.

The intent of Kesha's campaign has been to maintain a laser-sharp focus on the strategic issue shaping politics worldwide: that the collapsing British Empire is pursuing its genocidal objective, demanding fascist austerity, enforced by the threat that a thermonuclear World War III is set to go, if nations dare to assert their national sovereignty. At the same time, the LaRouche Solution, of Glass Steagall, followed by a credit policy to build NAWAPA XXI, represents the abrupt break from the present failed axioms, which is required, if human life is to continue on this planet.

In response, the Fort Bendover Democrats are acting in ways that make Al Capp's swamp dwellers appear nearly human in comparison. The latest written diatribe attacks Kesha as a "silly little girl," the "Fairy Princess of Cultville," with "very creepy passive-aggressive tendencies." This filthy insanity is, of course, sent out only to a small cadre of the real cultists, those who are demanding that "Democrats" must take a loyalty oath, in order to defend their failed Messiah, Obama. In this latest attack, the writer admits that they have no intention to win in November writing that "Kesha is such an embarrassment that we're trying to stop her this time, which means we have to spend money on a candidate we know won't win in November."

At the bottom of the diatribe, there are pictures of one of their henchmen, "Bubba," illegally tearing down Kesha's campaign signs, bragging that he "truly enjoys that he's getting under her skin" and "hacking off Kesha." They continue to send out desperate emails, pleading with people to vote, acknowledging that voter turnout thus far in early voting has been extremely low.

Kesha's campaign is committed to an all-out blitz for the next eight days, not to counter these losers, but to mobilize the majority in the district, which is already hostile to Obama, to break with their anti-American pessimism, and join with our international movement to oust Obama, NOW, so that we may begin the Renaissance so desperately needed on this planet.