The Russians Are Not Bluffing: Impeach Obama Before It’s Too Late

by Candidate Diane Sare

Since the May 3rd Russian Missile Defense Conference in Moscow, the Russians have given the world, and the Obama administration, three very clear warnings about our trajectory toward thermonuclear war. On May 3rd, the Chief of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff, Gen. Nikolai Makarov, let it be known that if NATO and the United States insisted on placing new BMD systems in Poland and other Eastern European states, that Russia would be left with no option in a situation of escalating confrontation, but to resort to pre-emptive strikes to knock out this capability. Placing such systems right next to the Russian border could eliminate Russia's "second strike" option, thereby obliterating its deterrent against a first-strike nuclear attack by the USA or any other state.

If the Russians were to place such systems on our northern border in Canada, with a capability of knocking out our missiles upon launch, obviously this would be unacceptable and we would similarly be forced to destroy such capability. Obama, acting as the reckless British agent that he is, and also being oblivious to the actual interests of the United States, assured incoming Russian President Putin that he would be willing to negotiate “after the [November] elections” – even though the NATO summit determining this provocation has taken place right now, in MAY! Therefore, a second sharper warning was given by newly inaugurated President Putin, who called Obama to inform him that he would NOT be attending the Camp David G-8 meeting as previously agreed upon. Then, just to make the point, in the days before the NATO summit, Russian Prime Minister Medvedev, at a St. Petersburg Conference on global security with US “Fast and Furious” AG Eric Holder seated near him on stage, warned that launching unilateral military actions against sovereign states could lead to regional wars and even “thermonuclear war.”

What is it about “Nyet!” that Obama doesn’t understand? Unfortunately, his insanity on this matter could be the end of civilization, and each of our lives in the very near term. This is why I and my colleagues on the LaRouche Slate of Congressional Candidates are calling for Obama’s immediate impeachment. The cause of the desperation of Obama’s British handlers is that their rotten monetary system is doomed. At the G-8 Summit they agreed to open the Fed window yet again for untold billions or trillions of dollars of bailouts to try to keep Greece in the Eurozone. Ask yourself, what are the chances that that will work?

Meanwhile, in the United States the clamor for reinstating a Glass-Steagall protection of commercial banking against the investment banks' speculative operations is growing into a tsunami that could surge through Wall Street, crushing everything in its path, including the Obama administration. The American people are ready for a BIG change, on the scale of NAWAPA XXI, which will necessitate not only a return to the Glass-Steagall banking standard, but also a return to the national banking system that Alexander Hamilton intended, which is the only way for 6 million people to be put back to work NOW! This is what the British Empire fears so much, that they would launch thermonuclear war to prevent it. Every American patriot should join with us now to force Obama’s constitutional removal from office BEFORE the November elections. This is the only way to secure a change in policy in time to avert catastrophe.

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