Tsipras: Glass-Steagall Sounds Like a Good Idea
May 23, 2012 • 8:31AM

In response to a briefing on Glass-Steagall today, reform Greek SYRIZA Party leader Alexis Tsipras responded by saying it "sounds like a good idea." According to Bueso TV's on-the-spot camera crew, led by Stefan Tolksdof, it was the most intelligent question at a press conference held by Tsipras in Berlin following his meetings with leaders of the German Die Linke party.

While the questions were stupid, his answers continued along the theme that there is not a Greek crisis but a European crisis caused by a policy backed by "finance capital."

Appealing to German citizens, Tsipras said, "We have come here to convince you that we need a joint solution. We particularly address the German citizens, the German taxpayers, to tell them all that it's in your own interest to stop the implementation of the austerity program. For heaven's sake, how long should the German taxpayer put money into a bottomless pit?"

He continued, "It apparently flows to the Greek economy, but in reality only the banks and bankers are being financed."

Europe is in the same position as in the 1930s, Tsipras said, so, "Europe has the duty to avoid a new tragedy."

Bueso TV will soon have a video report on the matter, also with English subtitles.