Obama's Lies Will Kill Billions!

The following is a written statement by Congressional Candidate Rachel Brown MA - 4

When President Obama claims that Russia has old technology and poses no military threat, he is engaging in a dangerous lie that could destroy civilization. The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. military know that this is a lie, and have been effectively countering the President’s British-run drive for war ever since the Libyan invasion. Additionally, the Russian military has been making several public announcements over recent months, that they have been significantly building up their military capacity over the last few years. The Russians have demonstrated that they are serious, and when this British puppet of a president lies about this, in defiance of the work of his own military brass, and then stages a nuclear showdown with Russia, as he did at the recent NATO summit, he is putting the lives of his entire citizenry in danger, and should therefore be impeached.

When will the American people stop tolerating lies of this magnitude, and join with this fight? A mere disagreement with Obama’s stated intentions for expanded war and economic ruin does nothing to challenge his push for dictatorship.

We must use the gravity of the situation to become bold in the realization that tolerating such lies, yet again, will this time set us on a collision course with nuclear war, dark-age, and collapse, out of which, humanity itself may never recover from. This is the reality of the situation, and for you, this is a real reason to change, and to start fighting for what you often say you know to be true, but all too often excuse yourself from affecting.

It is in this context that we must ask ourselves: Should our people really be allowed to rot, from economic and moral inactivity? Should our industry really be destroyed, our skilled labor lost, and our youth destroyed through insane cultural activities, with no real direction, or hope of a future?

What we must do instead, is implement the NAWAPA XXI project now, and to a greater effect than its original 1964 conception. We can begin many preparatory aspects for this immediately; rebuilding production and manufacturing in our broken-down economy. The forgotten millions of unemployed people can be put to meaningful work immediately, and we can bring in returning veterans who have not been given a new life, and use their skills in getting this project going. Such are the possibilities that lay before us.

Why let this remain “the future that could have been,” and sit idly by as the world careens towards chaos? Now is the time to act to turn this situation around. Join with me, and the national LaRouche slate, to remove this British-puppet of a President, stop the insane showdown between the US, and Russia, and put shovels in the ground to actualize the vision of NAWAPA XXI.

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