Tony Blair Running Obama's Re-election Campaign
May 23, 2012 • 2:58PM

British Monarchy hatchetman Tony Blair, the outspoken champion of eliminating national sovereignty and the Westphalian System, and who, according to his own cabinet officials, lied to force through the Iraq War, is running Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

This past weekend, in typical understated fashion, the British press revealed that six months ago Blair privately advised Obama on how he could win his re-election. For the past two months or so, Blair has pretty much camped out in the United States, and has plans to continue to do so.

This is not surprising, given that Blair was an advisor to Obama in his first election, and has had his signature on every evil policy Obama has implemented--health care, pre-emptive war, environmentalism--as EIR again reports in its current issue, “Obama: the Queen’s Own Lunatic.” But is being a British agent grounds for impeachment?

Articles in the Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Mail let slip Blair’s regency role this weekend. “Six months ago, Blair saw President Obama privately to offer him advice on renewal in office and re-election,” the Telegraph reported. The Mail headlined its piece, “Tony Blair Take Two: Ex PM ‘Poised for A Political Comeback with Labour After Advising Obama on Election Battle.” Blair “has even offered Barack Obama private advice on renewal in office and re-election.”

[The Mail notes, “The former Prime Minister is preparing a new push to re-enter British politics alongside current Labour leader Ed Miliband.... Mr Blair is expected to launch his comeback as he appears on a joint platform with Labour leader Ed Miliband in July at an event to celebrate the Olympics” (where 40,000 military troops will welcome sports fans). “The event could prove hugely divisive among Labour supporters, though Mr Blair is thought to believe that enough time has passed for people to have forgotten the disastrous effect of the Iraq war on his image and how he was humiliatingly forced from office by Gordon Brown.”]

On Sunday, in the course of his extended stay in the United States, in a Colby College commencement address in Waterville, Maine, Blair, while urging the graduates to always have humility and other such bunk (he charges up to 300,000 British pounds a pop for such pieces of sagacity), did raise the question, “Are we an empire that’s fading?”

Happily, some Americans gave him an appropriate welcome: protest signs and shouts of “Warmonger.”