NJ Reform Party: Holding the Line for Obama Dictatorship

By Diane Sare, candidate for congress from New Jersey's 5th district.

On Tuesday, May 22, Mark Quick announced his withdrawal from the Reform Party ticket for Congress in NJ District 5, and endorsed the candidacy of myself, Diane Sare, member of the LaRouche slate nationally, and candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for that seat. This brought howls of hysteria from 23 year-old Jacob Zychick, NJ Reform Party co-founder, in a wildly slanderous attack on me and Lyndon LaRouche, which was no doubt dictated to him by the same people running the pathetically desperate attacks on my colleague Kesha Rogers, who won the Democratic Party nomination in the 22nd district of Texas in 2010.

Everyone who has had a chance to consider the issue knows that Mark Quick exhibits more intelligence and morality in two sentences than the pompous and ignorant Mr. Zychick and his ghost writer can muster in any series of pretentious paragraphs. No one should be fooled by these arrogant young liars whose only dream is to become corrupt party hacks in their later years.

As Lyndon LaRouche foretold in an international webcast on April 11, 2009, President Barack Obama is a “failed personality” – like a Hitler or a Nero, he is obsessed with his own power, and his ability to inflict suffering on other people. For example, his refusal to allow the victims of the Haiti quake to be moved out of the flood plain before the rainy season, causing thousands of avoidable deaths from cholera and other waterborne diseases; his use of the video of the killing of Osama Bin Laden, which he insisted on showing, like a snuff film, to his entire White House staff; his celebratory basketball game on the deck of the carrier which dumped Osama’s body into the waves: all demonstrate this Nero propensity. With this mindset, is it any accident that Obama’s so-called “Affordable Care Act” is just a modern day version of Hitler’s T-4 euthanasia policy to kill off the expensive “useless eaters”, while making a nice profit for the insurance companies? Obama celebrated his murderous actions of the previous months with his New Year’s Eve signing of the NDAA, which allows the indefinite detention of US citizens without trial, lest anyone object to his dictatorial, war mongering agenda. Currently, NerObama is being advised by none other than “weapons of mass destruction in Iraq” expert, former British PM Tony Blair, who is planning to spend most of his time in the US until the elections working with Nero on his reelection campaign.

As I have stated on many occasions now, I am running for US Congress as part of the LaRouche slate nationally, because a few patriots have to demonstrate the courage to tell the truth in public, and lead the multitudes of others who agree, but lack the courage to stand alone. Since such notable candidates as “undecided”, and prison inmates, are now trailing Obama in Democratic primary races in many counties across the nation, it is clear that many Americans agree with what Kesha and I and the rest of the slate are saying about this President.

However, recognizing that Obama is a menace to the human race is not sufficient. Republican contender Mitt Romney is no alternative. Americans must demand the three-fold program of the LaRouche candidates, if survival is to be assured. First, return to the 1933 Glass-Steagall separation of the banks, second, a return to Alexander Hamilton’s policy of public credit through a national bank, is the only way to, third, build NAWAPA XXI, and get 6 million Americans back to work immediately while creating the potential for vastly increased productivity and employment in the United States. This is what I stand for, and this is why sane Americans will stand with me, Mark Quick, Kesha Rogers,and the rest of the LaRouche PAC endorsed slate.

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