Exclusive Interview with Two LaRouchePAC-Endorsed Candidates
May 26, 2012 • 3:30PM

With their primaries upcoming in the next two weeks, Kesha Rogers, candidate in the Democratic Party primary for the 22nd Congressional District in Texas, and Diane Sare, candidate in the Democratic primary in New Jersey's 5th CD, were guests on this the May 26th LaRouche Show, the weekly audio talk show of LaRouchePub.com, publisher of the Executive Intelligence Review magazine. With the population turning away from politics-as-usual in disgust and despair, the two demonstrated how the LaRouche slate of candidates has intervened to bring hope into what is otherwise a hopeless moment.

Interviewed by host Harley Schlanger, the two provided an in-depth discussion of the crises -- both the objective crisis, brought on by the collapse of the current system, and the subjective crisis, of a defeated population -- as well as presenting the solution, through ousting Obama and implementing the three-part program for an American economic Renaissance. Kesha and Diane demonstrated, with the quality of their answers, the desire to change people, and the overall passion for the mission, why their campaigns are striking a deep fear in the oligarchs. In particular, in discussing how they are intervening, to remind people of the better part of their own nature, as Americans, Kesha and Diane offered a unique understanding of how candidates for Congress must, in fact, represent a national solution.

This interview should be made available to all those who can vote next Tuesday in Texas, and the following Tuesday in New Jersey; as well as to anyone who is interested in saving the nation.

The show is an hour in duration, and can be found at the archive for The LaRouche Show.