Brits Demand Asian NATO-Structure to Confront China--or War
May 27, 2012 • 10:20AM

The Asia Sentinel, a British intelligence outfit for Asia, published a call for the US to ram through a military alliance between the US and the ten Asean nations - or with as many as are willing to self-destruct in that manner - in order to confront "China's assertiveness in the Pacific" and deal with the "fact" that "China would like nothing more than to push the US out of Asia-Pacific." This wishful dreaming of Cold War days gone-by (the US and the Brits created the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, SEATO, in 1954 with only Thailand and the Philippines from Southeast Asia - the others were France, Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan) comes at a time when a real very hot war is closer than any time in history.

Canadian-Vietnamese author Khanh Vu Duc declares that Obama, confronted with an "incident" coming from the current contrived stand-off between China and the Philippines over a contested shoal in the South China Sea, would decide to use that Mutual Defense Treaty with the Philippines to launch a full scale war
with China. To avoid this, he declares that "the United States must wade into the South China Sea disputes, not simply to promote American interests (which, by doing so, will resolve nothing) but to broker some measure of peace between China and its neighbors. Should the US continue to procrastinate, the result of these disputes, including the much heated Scarborough Shoal, may spiral out of control."out of control."