"Impeachment Candidate" Kesha Rogers Victory Invigorates Drive Against Obama
May 31, 2012 • 1:12PM

The failure of the Obama campaign team to demoralize all Texas Democrats, as demonstrated by the victory by LaRouche Congressional slate member Kesha Rogers on May 29, points to an enhanced potential for both the sudden removal of the President from the Oval Office, and the reintroduction of Glass-Steagall banking standards. When briefed on Kesha's victory Wednesday morning, Lyndon LaRouche said that this is an opportunity for us to "press our advantage," as we have been right about him. He is evil, and is destroying the nation.

"Look what his campaign did in Texas, engaging in voter suppression," LaRouche said, noting that they are destroying what's left of their own base of support. He added, "While most Texas Democrats ought to be ashamed that they tolerate such evil, at least some [those who voted for Kesha, and gave her the victory] emerged with their dignity."

LaRouche said that we now must move more aggressively to get Obama out, as he is committing the U.S. to military action in Syria, which will lead to a thermonuclear confrontation with Russia. Kesha Roger's victory in Texas is an important signal, that Obama's days are numbered, and that he can be removed before he destroys civilization.

On the subject of vote suppression, it should be noted that Eric Holder's Department of Justice, aka, the Holder Posse, sent a team of DOJ officials, allegedly to monitor the polls in Fort Bend and Harris County, to guard against "voter intimidation." They said they were responding to rumors that the "King Street Patriots," a right-wing group, had engaged in intimidation in 2010, and might do so again. There were no reported incidents. The real voter intimidation was done by the Obama Democrats, in convincing voters — especially African-American voters — to stay home. The point of their dirty smears and campaign tactics against Kesha Rogers was to prevent African-Americans from voting for Kesha.

While the reverberations from Kesha's win are just beginning, there are two immediate results. In Texas, there is much discussion, from the haters, as well as from some true patriots. From the haters, there is an obvious deflation, with one moaning that she has a hangover, even though she drank nothing last night. After a string of nasty attacks against Kesha during the campaign, she is now turning on Kesha's opponent, the hapless K.P. George, accusing him of losing because he "has a big ego."

One of the more important Democratic email lists in the state ran the Executive Intelligence Review editorial, "Kesha Rogers Wins Again", with a note attached calling on Democrats to recognize that it is time to dump Obama. A leader of the Texas Veterans Caucus, who is a labor lawyer, called in to Rogers' campaign office to congratulate Kesha. This win is just in time, he said, as he agrees that we are facing new wars, including the potential for a nuclear war. He reported that many of the old generation of San Antonio Hispanic Democrats, who dumped Hillary Clinton in '08 and went along with Obama, were voted out in city-wide elections this year, replaced by younger "progressive," i.e., anti-Obama, Democrats. A former county chair, who was a Hillary supporter, and has defended Kesha Rogers in the past against the Obama Party, said, "The second time must be even more sweet for you. I tried to warn them not to mess with Kesha." He said that the anti-Kesha "Get-Out-The-Vote" operation never got off the ground, and that there is no love for Obama among labor in Texas.

And nationally, Kesha Rogers' victory was immediately tweeted from coast-to-coast, especially by recently rejuvenated former Hillary networks. The Hillary2012 network retweeted the LPAC posting of the EIR Editorial on Kesha to more than 120,000 recipients, and a very active Occupy Wall Street grouping agreed to work to get out votes for another member of the LaRouche National Slate, candidate Diane Sare in New Jersey, after making an effort for Kesha. Diane Sare's primary is coming up next Tuesday, June 5th. One activist sent out a tweet which said, "Obama took a big hit in Texas, let's give him another in NJ."

Kesha Rogers has released a victory statement, available on her website www.kesharogers.com, reasserting the urgency of removing Obama and getting Glass-Steagall implemented, before the financial system implodes.