Transcript: Kesha Rogers Victory Statement
May 31, 2012 • 1:26PM

The following is a victory statement issued by Kesha Rogers, member of the LaRouche national candidates slate, and now the 2012 Democratic Nominee for Congress in the 22nd District of Texas. The full video -- a message to her supporters -- which she recorded following her victory on Tuesday, May 29, can be viewed on her website

Hello everyone, this is Kesha Rogers, LaRouche Democrat for Congress, and your nominee for the 22nd Congressional District of Texas. I want to thank each and every voter and the supporters who came out yesterday, in the Texas primary, to join with me in issuing a decisive blow to the party hacks, Obama, and the British Empire, that we will not be defeated! Throughout this campaign, people have stood by this fight, and have continued to wage the war that has to be waged, that the American people will not sit by any longer, as they're watching our Constitution and our nation be destroyed, by the likes of Obama and his British and Wall Street financial backers.

What you signified yesterday, in voting for me, is paving the way for our National Slate of candidates throughout the United States to continue to push forth the very vital solutions that are needed at this very moment in time, as the entire financial system is headed toward a total disintegration. As we continue to watch the breakdown and meltdown of the euro system, and the continued drive toward austerity and chaos, throughout Europe and throughout the United States, as Obama continues to bail out the Wall Street financial interests, what you said on yesterday, is that "Obama must go now!"

This is sending a clear message to the White House, and we have to continue the job.

The solutions have been threefold, and continue to be the only solutions that are viable for us to fight for at this given time: That we must end the Wall Street bailouts, with the drive and reinstatement of Glass-Steagall banking reorganization, modeled on Franklin Roosevelt; a credit system, of our U.S. Constitution, so that we can move forward on the development of high, science-driver technological progress, and creation of NAWAPA XXI, for millions of productive jobs.

This is what you stood for on yesterday, and I want to thank all of those who have written into my website, everyone from across the United States, everyone from across the world, who knows that this is not just a fight for the citizens and the voters of the 22nd Congressional District of Texas, this is not just a victory for the 22nd Congressional District of Texas, this is a victory that is sending ringing shocks around the world, that our National Slate is committed to the defeat of this British Empire, and committed to the defeat of the system of monetarism, that's continuing to destroy the sovereignty of nation-states.

With that, as we know, right now, Obama and his British backers, and NATO are destined to move toward, in the midst of this collapse, a strike on Syria. We must make it clear, right now, and I'm standing here to make it clear, that there must not be any moves toward a military strike or military action towards Syria! This must be stopped now, and the way we are going to do this, is by making sure that the moves to dump Obama, to get Obama out of the White House are made now, that the 25th Amendment, Section 4 of our U.S. Constitution, or impeachment, must be our next step.

Once this is done, we can then start to move toward the actual policies of collaboration, of sovereign nation-states, so that a policy toward war would be thrown out, and a policy toward development and collaboration around a mission-orientation for mankind must be our fight. This is not going to happen as long as Obama and his British backers are driving toward thermonuclear war.

So, as you can see, we have a lot of work to do: The fight has just begun. Before November, we have to make it clear, that Obama and his Wall Street backers are done. We have to make it clear to everyone, that despite everything that the party hacks of the local party tried to do to stop us and to suppress the vote, keep you from coming out to vote, and continuing to push lies and slanders against everything we represent, we have shown them that we will stand in the face of the enemy, and we will continue to fight for these policies.

I want to thank you once again, and we will continue to wage the fight on the front lines, and we'll see you there.

Thank you.

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