Post Election Report: Rogers Wins Primary 51-49%
May 31, 2012 • 1:38PM

May 30, 2012 (LPAC)—Kesha Rogers has again won the Democratic nomination for Congress in the 22nd CD. The final figures given by the Secretary of State are: Kesha Rogers — 3,659 (50.73%); K.P. George — 3,553 (49.26%).

Kesha Rogers's victory was the result of two things — her personal determination to take a "top down" approach, leading with the life-and-death strategic issues facing the nation, especially focusing on the need to get Obama out, and to implement the LaRouche three-part solution to the economic collapse; and a determined effort by her campaign volunteers, each realizing that every discussion in the field, door-to-door, or on the phones, was a critical battle for the future of the person they were addressing. They knew that it was not just a question of every vote counting, but that they wanted to communicate to everyone they contacted that they must take responsibility for the future of the nation.

The Obama Democrats adopted an insane strategy, making a mockery of the election. Their candidate did little more than say that, unlike Kesha, he supports Obama, and wants to create jobs. Party hacks put out a succession of slanders against Kesha Rogers and LaRouche, typical lying and hate-filled diatribes, to cover up the problem they had, which is, that they were supporting Obama! Their belief was that they could mobilize more hacks to vote for their candidate, than we could move normal voters to vote for Kesha.

The result is that the vote in the Democratic primary in the 22nd CD was minuscule, as only 7,155 votes were cast. In the Republican primary, over 46,000 votes were cast. The Obama Democrats admitted that they had no chance to win the November election, and were mobilizing only to stop Kesha Rogers, the LaRouche candidate. In choosing this strategy, they were deliberately suppressing the vote, through demoralizing voters. While this has been a Republican district in the past, the 46,000 GOP votes to 7,000+ votes in the Democratic primary was wildly outside the usual range.

But there should be no mistake about what happened. What they campaign found is that Obama is widely hated in the district, including among Democrats. In addition to the over 50% who voted for Kesha in the primary, it is fair to say that, among the other 25,000 to 50,000 Democrats who did not vote, there is no support for Obama.

Following the victory, Kesha Rogers pledged that her campaign will be back out on the streets immediately, continuing to mobilize the population to face up to the existential crisis facing mankind, and giving them leadership, so they realize they have the option to act as Americans, to drive that British agent Obama out of the White House, and restore American System economic policies.

Now is the time for patriots everywhere to join in escalating that mobilization.