"To Victory!" Congratulations to Kesha Rogers
May 31, 2012 • 10:16PM

Rachel Brown, a candidate for the Democratic nomination in Massachussetts' 4th CD, extends her congratulations to Kesha Rogers, fellow member of the LaRouche National Candidates Slate, and now the official Democratic nominee for Congress in Texas' 22nd CD after having won 51% of the vote in Tuesday's primary.

This past Tuesday, LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers again garnered the Democratic Party’s nomination from her constituents in the Congressional primary elections in Texas. This victory was not won easily, and came despite vicious operations by Obama and his minions throughout the country, to stop the developing on-the-ground national movement which is challenging this nasty dictatorship, and acting to rebuild and save our once-great nation. But, as in Texas, those with courage do not back down.

Such is the potential that lies before us, as if in the palm of our hands. This recent victory in Texas was won by the once-bold American people, who pulled themselves out of the muck of demoralizing mud-slinging, and cast a vote to save this country. These were not votes cast against someone, or for the lesser of two evils, as we are all too accustomed to doing. These were votes cast for Kesha, votes for the LaRouche plan to rebuild the nation, and votes for the future.

This is a future that will be determined now, and only won by immediately dumping Obama, and going back to the Glass-Steagall/American-credit-system approach to real physical economic development, which our campaigns have been fighting to get across to the American people, coast-to-coast.

So, we fight onwards toward victory, with determination to never back down, and to pass these policies now, as the breakdown of the European system requires of us, there is no more time to wait. Regardless of election-politics, victory is nothing short of defending our Constitution’s principles and destroying this evil, as typified by Barack Obama and Tony Blair, that has temporarily taken us over.

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