LPAC-Endorsed Candidate Bill Roberts' Opponent Retires in Disgrace
June 4, 2012 • 9:07AM

LaRouche Democratic slate member Bill Roberts' 5-term incumbent opponent, Rep. Thad McCotter (R-MI), abandoned his write-in campaign June 2, and announced his retirement from Congress. McCotter said he needed to spend all his efforts defending himself in an investigation of petition fraud announced by the Michigan Attorney General June 1, occasioned by obvious duplicates and forged signatures in the minimal petition signatures required.

Roll Call reported that "William F. Roberts of Redford is running as a Democrat, though he is considered radical by Democrats because he follows political activist Lyndon LaRouche." Roll Call reports: "The 11th district [Oakland, Livonia -ed.], is drawn to favor a Republican, but Democrats are watching" the reaction to McCotter's folly, whether caused by contempt for the law or simple idiocy.

The GOP is furious at McCotter for throwing the race wide open, and may have forced him out; a former Republican state senator announced June 1 that he would now run as a write-in. A Tea Party-backed candidate is already on the GOP ballot. One other Democrat is on the ballot.