Michigan's Bill Roberts: Nero 'Represents a Clear and Present Danger to the Nation.'
June 5, 2012 • 7:11AM

With supposed-to-be-shoe-in incumbent Republican Thad McCotter out of the race in Michigan's 11th CD because of a petition fraud scandal, the November election race, as the Detroit News put it today, "could well be between a Republican political newcomer who raises reindeer and a Democrat who wants to impeach President Obama."

LaRouche Democrat Bill Roberts's opponent in the August primary, medical internist Syed Taj, has refocussed his attack brochures to hit Roberts as a "fake Democrat."

"Taj's literature is typical of attacks by Obama Democrats against Lyndon LaRouche supporters," the Detroit news quotes Roberts saying. "The idea you have to take a loyalty oath to the president in order to be a candidate is ridiculous." Obama, he said, "represents a clear and present danger to the nation," noting his "repeated violations of the Constitution."

The media may already be preparing their "explanation" for a Roberts primary win, borrowing a more than 25-year-old note of sour grapes from losing Illinois Democrats in 1986, when LaRouche Democrats Janice Hart and Mark Fairchild won their primary races for secretary of state and lieutenant governor. Says the Detroit News, "But [Taj] worries that voters picking a Democrat in the race may be more drawn to a name like 'William Roberts' over 'Syed Taj.' I'm not naïve about that,' he said."

The now-wide-open race is a "political earthquake in the politics of Wayne and Oakland counties and the aftershocks continue," said Paul Welday, a Farmington Hills political consultant and 2010 GOP congressional candidate. "We still don't know what is going to be left standing once we pick through the rubble."