LaRouche Slate Makes Election Primaries Process an Instrument to Save U.S.
June 6, 2012 • 7:34AM

The impact of the LaRouche Slate organizing, as reported in the Candidates' Conference Call, has transformed party primaries into instruments to save the U.S., and the world.

Diane Sare: Civilization Depends On Us Succeeding
Coming out of the June 5th New Jersey primaries, Congressional Candidate Diane Sare (NJ-5) delivered this post-election statement.

Following Kesha Rogers' Texas victory, Diane Sare's campaign, with Tuesday's primary election, has lifted the discussion in New Jersey, and nationwide, to the level of reality, and the solutions.

In Michigan, the narrow partisan environment around Bill Roberts' campaign has just been hit by an earthquake, with the forced departure of the incumbent Republican congressman, Thad McCotter. The Republicans will have to run a write-in candidate, or support a Tea Party-backed libertarian who is on the ballot — an unpalatable choice for them. Just when it seemed the GOP would coalesce around a former Republican State senator, two other former Republican elected officials announced that they are interested in the seat. A candidate must be picked; and as Roll Call reports, "Any write-in candidate must run an expedited and expensive campaign for the nomination." A candidate must be selected, because ballots will be sent out in a month, and the primary is August 7.

Roll Call further reports, "Meanwhile, Democrats have their own primary problems to worry about in the district. Michigan Democrats support internist Syed Taj for the nomination, but first he must defeat Bill Roberts, a Lyndon LaRouche activist, in the primary... Democrats kept quiet about Taj's prospects in the early wake of McCotter's ballot flap. Privately, they remained unsure the GOP-leaning seat was winnable. But since McCotter announced he will not seek re-election, Democrats are taking a second look at the district." And Bill Roberts will offer Lyndon LaRouche's nation-saving program in one of the hardest-hit states in the U.S.

Other candidates have picked up the drive for Glass-Steagall, just as rank-and-file Democrats have. New Mexico has primary elections today. There, in New Mexico's 1st C.D., state legislator Eric Griego has made Glass-Steagall a major issue — even warning that it may not be enough; bankers should be jailed. He is opposed in today's primary by two conservative Democrats.

In Wisconsin, Obama has been a no-show in the AFL-CIO-led campaign to recall Governor Scott Walker, as widely recognized and castigated.

Other elections occurred yesterday in California and South Dakota.