March 11th 2012 • 3:58PM

Here, in the third part of a four-part series of presentations on non-quantitative change, Jason Ross discusses Riemann's journey beyond the appearances of the perceptual world, to discover the geometry of the dynamic that underlies it. (more)

February 27th 2012 • 5:49PM

Part II of a series of live presentations developing what Riemann actually did with his work on Abelian functions. In this presentation, we refresh the idea of non-quantitative changes developed in Part I, and briefly introduce the nation of the economic field, and topological, as opposed to individual changes. To get at Riemann’s later work on this subject, we deal with a new kind of magnitude that goes beyond “more” and “less” – complex magnitudes.

This video has an accompanying page with additional Q&A and more demonstrations (including interactive ones).

February 21st 2012 • 5:15PM

Jason Ross, from the LaRouchePAC Basement team, spoke at the Texas Presidential Conference, hosted by congressional candidate Kesha Rogers (TX-22) on February 18, 2012. Lyndon LaRouche also addressed the conference later in the day, and his address can be found here.

February 26th 2012 • 7:53PM

On Saturday, February 25th, Lyndon LaRouche addressed the 2012 Schiller Institute Conference, titled "Securing Mankind's Future," which took place in Berlin Germany. The question and answer period with Mr. LaRouche is forthcoming, as well as the many other presentations made at the conference including from Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Sky Shields.

February 19th 2012 • 2:46AM
LPAC Weekly Report
June 6th 2012 • 1:58PM

This week continues the discussion of conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler's fundamental scientific breakthrough, including thoughts on Shelley and the true physical infinitesimal.

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