Rome-Berlin Axis for European Führer
June 7, 2012 • 9:23AM

As part of the new Rome-Berlin axis, pro-euro members of the Italian Parliament have agreed with German Bundestag members to vote up a common resolution to accelerate the process towards an EU dictatorship. The resolution calls for direct election of a European President. The resolution was agreed upon May 23 by delegations led by Italy's Lamberto Dini and by Germany's Ruprecht Polenz and Petra Merkel. The Italians reportedly wanted the Eurobonds in the resolution, but they did not get it, because of the CDU-CSU opposition.

However, the crumbling euro is creating a shift in some sections of the Italian Parliament, and the Rome-Berlin baby could die in the cradle. Sections of the PDL are demanding a Parliament debate and a resolution binding Monti on the Fiscal Compact. Either Eurobonds or no Compact. That is what PDL Senate faction leader Maurizio Gasparri and former undersecretary Guido Crosetto said yesterday. This means that Monti would go to the June 28 Euro summit with a mandate that binds him to approve the Fiscal Compact, only if Germany accepts Eurobonds. Depending on the small print in the resolution, this could become a serious hurdle and a gambit strategy, or just a comedy.

The political parties supporting Monti fear they will disappear in the next general elections, as opinion polls put "anyone but established parties" in first place and Monti, himself, in the second place.