Patrushev Speaks on International Planetary Defense Cooperation

Speaking at a press conference on June 8, at the conclusion of the global security forum just held in St. Petersburg, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev stated that the "space threat from asteroids" had been an important topic at the meeting. He called for international cooperation on readiness and potential deflection measures.

According to Russian wire reports, Patrushev said, "We are not be in immediate danger, but such a danger may arise. And we must understand how to eliminate this danger. We need to prepare beforehand. There are doable options for removing the danger. If we work on improving them, especially on an international scale, this will not be out of reach as it would be for just one country, but it can really be done. So we need to do the forecasting of when and how to influence these [space] objects."

This statement confirms what both Patrushev and Vitali Davydov, deputy head of Roscosmos, had stated in Moscow in April, that the subject of this third such international security conference would include, as one of its major subjects of discussion, the necessity of international cooperation for asteroid defense. (Click here for links to the original report on this announcement)

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