West Virginia, Texas Dems Like Glass-Steagall, Don't Like Obama, But Take NO ACTION!
June 10, 2012 • 9:48AM

Reports from both the West Virginia and Texas Democratic Party conventions LaRouche activists attended this weekend had three things in common: widespread support for Glass-Steagall; no love for Obama; but very little courage to challenge the Obama diktats pushed by Party leaders. The one exception was West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who was being threatened with rebuke or censure for statements he has made against Obama. Though he made no overt criticism of Obama in his speech, he pointedly left Obama out when he read the roll of great Democratic Presidents, in which he included FDR, Truman (sic), JFK and Bill Clinton. It was lost on no one that he excluded mention of Obama. A resolution passed, with almost no debate, directed at Manchin and Gov. Tomlin, resolving that "all state and national candidates must publicly support and endorse all party office holders for state and national office, including the head of the Democratic Party, and our President, Barack Obama."

The LaRouche activists attending the West Virginia convention got 111 signatures on a Glass-Steagall resolution. At one point, a labor official was directing delegates over to us, telling them to sign the Glass-Steagall petition.

Delegates to the Texas Democratic convention in Houston were greeted with a page one op ed in the Houston Chronicle which said, "Why bother?" It characterized the party as irrelevant and defeated. The small number of delegates attending showed some life, as many greeted Kesha Rogers (the just-elected Democratic nominee for the 22nd district) by saying "We support you, I'm glad you won, keep fighting", as they scurried away, so no one would see them. On Obama, the attitude expressed was we agree with you, he's an SOB, but he's better than the other SOB! There was recognition of the European crisis, some were aware of the war danger, most supported Glass-Steagall, but no one challenged a State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) resolution which was rammed through, which said in effect that Kesha Rogers is not a Democrat, so no Democrat should support her. Supporters of Kesha Rogers were greeted with support however when they held a rally outside the convention center Saturday morning. Despite official orders to keep her out, Kesha did address both the Veterans Caucus and the Progressive Caucus.