The Furtwängler Principle

Escaping the Prison of Sense-Perception

Lyndon LaRouche orchestrated a trilogy of in-depth discussions with colleagues Matthew Ogden, Jason Ross, and Ben Deniston, on what LaRouche described as “one of the greatest accomplishments in science in the past century or so.” This is expressed most powerfully in the musical ideas of Wilhelm Furtwängler (1886-1954) and the scientific work of Vladimir Vernadsky, Albert Einstein, and Max Planck, and the relationship between the two domains. The discussions took place over the course of three consecutive LPAC-TV Weekly Reports (May 23, May 30, and June 6), hosted by John Hoefle. The discussions took up, among other things, the concepts elaborated in LaRouche's paper: “A Lesson from Wilhelm Furtwängler: The World's Breakdown-Crisis is Now.”

The three reports are presented here, along with transcripts and additional references. Enjoy!

May 23, 2012 Weekly Report

May 30, 2012 Weekly Report

June 6, 2012 Weekly Report

“[T]herefore, we turn our attention here to the crucial physical-scientific discoveries which deeply underlie those relative certainties already well established by the discoveries of one certainly among the greatest musical directors of the recent century, Wilhelm Furtwängler. Furtwängler’s proofs are not musico-mathematical; they are, as I shall emphasize that point in the course of this present report, ontologically human in the deepest and fullest, scientific sense of that choice of terminology.”

References and Further Reading

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