National Security Adviser Tom Donilon Is The "Leaker in Chief'' Says Pat Caddell
June 12, 2012 • 7:51AM

In an interview with "Victory Sessions" posted on the website, Democratic pollster Patrick Caddell accused National Security Adviser Tom Donilon of being the "Leaker in Chief," and the one behind the national security leaks now under investigation by the FBI under two U.S. attorneys named by Attorney General Eric Holder and by a coming investigation by the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. And, comparing the current leak scandal to the Watergate affair of 1972-74, when Richard Nixon resigned, Caddell said that ultimate responsbility is with Obama himself.

The interview talked about the disasters that came down on Obama last week, from saying the private sector was fine, to the to the backlash after the Walker relection victory in Wisconsin to the "disaster Obama had when he said that the White House was not involved in these leaks."

"...We have had some of the greatest destruction of America's secrets and their super secrets, coming right out of the White House," Caddell said, "and the President got up and said—reminiscent of Richard Nixon: 'no one in my White House had anything to do with Watergate....'"

"There's been a string of these leaks—on the drones ... the Bin Laden thing. Let me tell you the most interesting things that have come out, which are: that former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates went to the White House after the Bin Laden thing, and went to Tom Doniilon, the political operative who is the National Security Advisor, believe it or not, and said to him, "I have a communications strategy for you..." this is in Sanger's book, and Thomas Donilon said, 'what is it?' [And Gates said] 'Shut your f—-in' mouth.'"

Caddell said "these are not really leaks" but a calculated political strategy to glorify Obama. When challenged that these are serious charges, Caddell said, "it's common sense that asks you to answer whose purpose does it serve? And I am the culprit! The culprit makes clear: It's Tom Donilon the national security adviser! It's in Sanger's book! After the Bin Laden stuff where they exposed the Seal Team Six," when Gates told him "'shut your f-ing mouth.'"

Donilon is a "political hack for Jimmy Carter, then Walter Mondale, and now as risen to "National Security Advisor. And he is known in Washington as the 'Leaker in Chief,' and he does it very deftly using other people ... I'm telling you right now, he is a political operative."

But the most important thing is that Obama didn't STOP the leaks, says Caddell. The real thing that contradicts Obama saying that the White House is not involved, says Caddell is Obama's own behavior.

"You know, a President, when super-secret things are about to be published ... and this is a famous story with John Kennedy in the Cuban missile crisis — they called the newspaper, they called the publisher, they called the editor! Begged them not to run it. We have no evidence whatsoever that the President of the United States attempted to intervene to stop the stories from appearing. So what does that tell you — that's a dog that's not barking."

Caddell stressed that this is not a partisan issue, pointing to the bipartisan leadership of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, especially Chairwoman Diane Feinstein, saying how serious this is. Caddell quotes Feinstein saying that these leaks are the most damaging that she has ever experienced "in her career ... in her lifetime."

Caddell and interviewer Stephen K. Bannon also attack Holder as having no credibility to run an investigation. In addition to Holder's behavior in Congress, Ronald C. Machen, the U.S. Attorney for District of Columbia who is one of the two Holder put in charge of the FBI investigation is an Obama contributer since 2003 — and was a "bundler" of campaign funds." Since May 2011, Donilon has functioned as cochair of the Joint National Security Board with the British government of David Cameron.