Germany's 'Der Spiegel' Runs "Obama's Failed Presidency" As Cover Story
June 12, 2012 • 7:53AM

In coherence with what Lyndon LaRouche has stated, the Der Spiegel June 11 cover story this week is a photo of Obama, headlined, "Too Bad. Obama's Failed Presidency." The article goes through, how "Washington has become a hate object for many citizens, the incarnation of mediocrity and murkiness." The article consists of reports about people from all over the U.S., who confirm that Obama did not deliver what he promised. America is disunited, now more than ever.

The most substantial part of the article is on the war policy. Obama's "cold pragmatism," that "evil will always exist," was already showing through in his speech receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. Of 300 drone attacks on Pakistani territory, 250 took place during Obama's term, with 1,800 Taliban/Al-Qaeda and many civilians were killed, the leadership of Al Qaeda was "massively decimated" by him. Spiegel calls it "a dirty secret war ... conducted by the CIA, with no transparency, [and] excluding judicial procedures."

This is contrary to his uttered visions at the beginning of his term. But, when he gave his reconciliation speech in Cairo and sent peace messages to the people of Iran, at the same time an unprecedented, high-technology war was being set into motion against the Iranian nuclear program. "What is this exactly? Still pragmatism? Already cynicism? ... Details are coming into public view, which make you freeze," such as the personal agreement to drone attacks, including targeting teenagers. Then, the "killing machines" take off shortly afterwards in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area, in Somalia, and Yemen.

"These stories, of course, always say that Obama is cautious, that he pushes the military and secret services to be reluctant. That he rejects operations, which he is not 100% convinced of. But what does this Obama, judge and executioner all in one, have to do with that Senator from Illinois, who moved people at the Victory Column in Berlin to tears, with words of hope? ... Of course, there was all this stress, decisions on life and death through these years. But it appears that Barack Obama himself also likes to be in this situation. Would journalists receive access to such secret intelligence, if Obama's election strategists were not convinced that their candidate sells well as a tough guy?"