EIR Issues Must-Read Special Report
June 12, 2012 • 2:58PM

On May 23rd, Executive Intelligence Review released a new special report, “the British Empire’s Global Showdown.” The 104 page report, just reviewed by LaRouche PAC, documents the Empire’s perspective and motives in forcing a thermonuclear showdown with Russia and China. The report demonstrates, with devastating evidence, that the British Empire controls, like so many puppets, all the players gunning for such a showdown, from Barack Obama, to Bibi Netanyahu, to Islamic terrorist networks, to the forces attempting to destablize Russia.

If you are wondering why the British Empire would risk thermonuclear war, the report situates that motive in the present strategic context. The present and ongoing financial collapse dooms the current British Empire system. Determined to maintain their power at all costs, however, the Empire fervently believes that a dramatically reduced world population will assure the survival of the system.

The report also details, largely in their own words, the war avoidance efforts of the Russian leadership, the U.S. military brass, and the Chinese leadership – urgent efforts which have so far prevented the outbreak of war following the assassination of Libya’s Muammar Quaddafi.

Two articles by Lyndon LaRouche, and a short précis of the Russian proposal for the Strategic Defense of the Earth, provide the alternative policies which can eliminate the war danger in the long term.

The report is must reading for anyone who wants to understand the present world strategic situation and the nature of the enemy which must be defeated if mankind is to survive and prosper. It is available in pdf format ($150) and hard copy ($250) in the store at www.larouchepub.com.