LEAFLET: Obama's Watergate Moment
June 13, 2012 • 7:49AM

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On April 11, 2009, Lyndon LaRouche first publicly identified Barack Obama's psychopathological Nero mentality. Ever since this initial diagnosis, LaRouche has consistently called for patriots in the governing institutions to act to remove Obama from office before he is used by his British controllers to destroy the United States and the world. Now even at this late date, as we find ourselves coming upon the 40th anniversary of Nixon's Watergate the tide is finally turning, and indications are that Obama very well could be meeting his own Watergate Moment. In the aftermath of very serious and damaging leaks regarding national security that were published over the recent weeks in the mainstream press, Obama in a press conference on June 8th, echoing Nixon, categorically denied any involvement of his White House in these crimes. Since then, high-level Congressmen from both parties, have called for immediate investigations, including the urgent appointment of an independent special prosecutor with orders to follow this investigation to the very top. When this action is seen together with a swarm of other actions currently in motion against Obama, including the already existing case against Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder regarding his own role in covering up the Fast & Furious affair (with the House Oversight Committee scheduled to vote on contempt of Congress charges against Holder on June 20th) the smell of Obama's Watergate Moment can be sensed as close at hand.

On June 11, 2012, Lyndon LaRouche spoke on the prospects for Obama's removal. The following are excerpts from that discussion:

"If you go back to the Nixon impeachment process, you will smell similar features, here. It's coming, and essentially just in time, hopefully. The mill is beginning to grind. I don't think this is easily turned back.

"Now, the British are going to react. The important reaction is not going to come from the United States, it's going to come from London, because the whole project, including Obama himself, is a London project. Therefore, there are unpredictables in this. But it's safe to say that what we're going through is that the United States has had this experience before, with Nixon, and now Obama's being tried out for size. I know the evidence is there, that is, the evidence required to draw proper conclusions: We know the man is insane, we know he's as crooked as they come, he has no honor, he has no morals whatsoever. Nixon looks like a cherub compared to this character! And the point is, his killing people, on his own authority his assassinations of people, on his own authority "I am the President, I kill." what is this? As I said, some years back, we're looking at the Emperor Nero. This guy is the Emperor Nero, he is a reincarnation of the Emperor Nero; he was selected because he had that profile, by the people who selected him! And finally, people are saying, "Well, I could be killed next by this creeper." You know, we have a Senator or an influential member of the Congress, and people they know are assassinated by this creature. And they say, "It could be me, it could be me, it could be me." They also see that there is no hope of this guy having a victory. There's no victory of the United States possible, with this creep in office.

"So, a concatenation of circumstances have come into play, and this man is implicitly politically doomed. If he is not doomed, then the United States is doomed. And I think that message has been received clearly, to an increasing number of influential people in circles in the United States.

"Hopefully, the forces that have begun to move first very slowly, now more clearly will move to get Obama out of office, because if we don't get Obama out of office, kiss the United States, among other things, goodbye! This year! You've got to get this thing out of office: This is a dictator! This is a copy of the Emperor Nero. You do not make time with an Emperor Nero. This is an Emperor Nero, as I warned three years ago! He has proven that I was right all along, in his characteristics, every bit of it! He's a dictator, like the Roman Emperor Nero. Look at his kill ratios! What is this monster? We've got to get him out of office, or there won't be a civilization.

"And this must be seen not as just the United States' problem. We have to deal with it as a trans-Atlantic problem. It affects Russia, China, India, and so forth, as well as the trans-Atlantic region. Therefore, we must solve this problem, now! In the months ahead! And perhaps, just perhaps, what's happened toward the thrusting toward the impeachment of Obama, or his more summary removal from office, for other causes, that's the only hope humanity has: Get this guy out of office! Anybody who's not working to get him out of office, is either a coward, or a traitor, a traitor to civilization, and it's time that we understand that."

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