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February 7th 2010 • 5:26PM

Part two of The New Economics deals with fusion-powered spaceflight as an integral part of national economic planning, by examining 1.) The measurement of physical-economic value and the notion of physical profit, 2.) The case of the 1960's Apollo Project as a physical-economic science driver for the United States, and 3.) The frontier questions of science that will represent both the impetus for, as well as the fruits of, a fusion-powered Moon-Mars program, especially in the area of biology and the relationship of electromagnetic radiation to living processes. Watch this, and you'll never again believe the lie that "space travel costs too much."

November 26th 2009 • 12:00AM

Peter Martinson and Shawna Halevy continue the now famous New York City LaRouche Economics Series, with a seventh class on the development of a true space culture. What kind of person will be suited to travel on a continuously accelerating ship to Mars?

November 15th 2009 • 4:00PM

This fifth class raises fundamental questions as to the effects and potentialities of a 1-G accelerated flight to Mars.

December 8th 2009 • 9:56PM

Oyang Teng, Meghan Rouillard and Aaron Halevy finished off the eight-week class series with a look back at what had been encapsulated in the seven previous classes, plus a look forward to something new.

November 17th 2009 • 12:39PM

This sixth class discusses the applicability of V.I. Vernadsky's method of the studying the biosphere to the consideration other planets, as well as defining the ontological measurement for valid evolutionary progress in the living and cognitive domains.

November 5th 2009 • 9:16AM

How does a science-driver program pay for itself differently than does an infrastructure investment? How will LaRouche’s Mars colonization effort change human economics in a way that the Apollo program did not?

LPAC Weekly Report
June 13th 2012 • 1:44PM

A discussion on the history of the processes which define human creativity and the necessity of creating an upshift in such processes now.

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