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April 27th 2012 • 10:40AM

Jason Ross of the LPAC Basement team introduces the new interactive website "The Riemann Project," which can be found at In this introduction, Jason highlights the importance of the Riemann method in Lyndon LaRouche's success as an economic forecaster.

April 21st 2012 • 9:59PM

At the 2012 Astrobiology Conference in Atlanta, Creighton Cody Jones (LPAC Basement Research Team) gave a presentation titled, "Understanding the Dynamic Relationship of Electromagnetism and Life as an Evolutionary Process, and as a Baseline for Supporting Life in an Extra-Terrestrial Environment."

April 24th 2012 • 3:47PM

Biospheric Engineering: Planetary Defense of Humanity is a show dedicated to examining the global food shortage from the standpoint of mankind’s potential. We examine the political underlying causes of famine and examine the biospheric solutions that could be applied at mankind’s most advanced level: space and beyond.

April 2nd 2012 • 1:48PM

LPAC Basement Team member Benjamin Deniston presents "Evolution as Creativity" to a meeting of the Danish Schiller Institute Conference. This address features the latest development from the LPAC Basement Team as well as question and answer period with members of the international LaRouche Movement in Denmark.

March 30th 2012 • 5:45PM

Sky Shields, leader of the LPAC "Basement" Research Team, delivered this address, followed by Q&A, to a "cadre school" of younger activists with the LaRouche movement in Germany, held in multiple locations on March 24, 2012. He highlights two recent papers by Lyndon LaRouche, "The Principle of Metaphor", and "When is Real?".

LPAC Weekly Report
June 13th 2012 • 1:44PM

A discussion on the history of the processes which define human creativity and the necessity of creating an upshift in such processes now.

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