Call For Struggle Against 'Perfidious Lies' of the Pro-Bailout Forces
June 13, 2012 • 4:45PM

A strong attack on the "perfidious" lies being spread by the pro-bailout forces was issued by the leading Greek Professor of Constitutional Law, George Kassimatis, who is also a co-founder member, with composer Mikis Theodorakis, of the United Democratic People's Resistance (ELADA).

Writing in the movement's website, The Spark, Kassimatis declares that the Greek electorate has been "subject to a relentless daily assault of systematic deception and misinformation" a "real campaign of lies," whose aim is to "bully, blackmail and cheat" them. It is a campaign of "intimidation and deception and insults against the 'anti-memorandum' parties." The pro-bailouters are even brandishing the threat of communism, which was last used by the military junta of 1967.

They are generating fear through "creating fake hide the inhuman consequences of the 'Memorandum,' which included the political, economic and social de-Hellenization of Greece." That means ceding Greece's sovereignty and national wealth to pay the illegal debt, while "young scientists flee the country" and there continues to be a "collapse of the productive forces of the nation."

He charges the forces behind this campaign are the Troika, comprised of the European Commission, the IMF, and the ECB, and the pro-Memorandum parties, including the Pasok and New Democracy, which approved the Memorandum in the first place. They have been fully supported by the Greek and international media.

Kassimatis demonstrates that the bailout, the Memorandum, and their brutal conditions violate the Greek Constitution, as well as European and international law. He attacks the lies that Greece cannot default on or demand a renegotiation of its sovereign debt, pointing out that under international law Greece has that sovereign right, and it is a right that has been legally and successfully exercised by many sovereign states. Furthermore the conditionalities of the Memorandum are themselves a violation of international law and therefore can be repudiated. And, the way the Memorandum and loan agreement were adopted violated the Greek Constitution.

Attacking the cynical statements by leaders of the Eurozone and the EU that they want Greece to stay in the Eurozone, but that it must "honor" its "obligations," he writes "The truth is: There are no obligations on contracts that are illegal and inhumane." Nor is there anything in the Eurozone treaties about how a member can be thrown out of the euro.

He called on Greece to follow a "multidimensional" national and foreign policy in which the interests of Greece can be defended by working with other forces outside of Europe.