Tsipras: "A National Plan for Reconstruction and Growth"
June 13, 2012 • 4:46PM

The leader of the Greek Syriza party Alexis Tsipras, in a commentary in today's Financial Times wrote about his party's determination to replace the Troika Memorandum with a "National Plan for Reconstruction and Growth." He said his party is the only party capable of bringing stability back to Greece to take "responsibility for averting the country's evolving humanitarian crisis." He repeated his attack on the austerity policy is what threatens to lead to Greece leaving the euro. He again stated that the Spanish crisis demonstrates that current European policy has failed. As for his plan of national reconstruction he only spoke of "following a program of pragmatic and socially just fiscal stabilization." This would be achieved through stabilizing public expenditure at approximately 44% of GDP and increasing revenues through a taxation reform including bringing direct taxation up to European levels so as to reverse the current massive taxation of the working and middle classes. He adds to this increasing transparency in government and fighting corruption.

In a nationwide televised press conference in Greece he said his party "will form a government for all Greeks" the day after the elections on Sunday June 17, while he ruled out a national unity coalition including pro-bailout parties. Speaking in a nationwide televised press conference, he pledged that "the Syriza government will put an end to the rotten, corrupt and ineffective political and economic system that threatens Greece's Eurozone membership." He also said that Memorandum will be replaced by a national plan for economic restoration, which will guarantee dignified standard of living, job security and fair wages. He also said that that Syriza will proceed with bank recapitalization and place banks under state control.