Obama is on the Edge of Being Finished
June 14, 2012 • 7:45AM

Lyndon LaRouche is right again; significant forces are moving to bring Obama down, and rank-and-file Democrats across the U.S. are also moving to dump him, especially, as LaRouche noted, "by not participating, or withdrawing."

A picture of state conventions, and intention to participate in the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte in September, is now being put together

* In Texas, in 2008, about 10,000 attended the Texas State Democratic Convention. The 2010 Convention was far smaller, and 2012, smaller still, with attendance from rural and West Texas, as well as Hispanic presence, much reduced. Democratic candidates have been recruited for only 4 out of 9 statewide races here in 2012.

* California party sources report difficulty in organizing delegates to fill California's slots at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte in September (coronation of egomaniac Obama, costly flights/hotel rooms, notorious anti-union city).

* Wisconsin's State Democratic convention June 8-9 was a gloomy affair, which occurred 3 days after Democrats failed to recall union-buster Gov. Walker — an effort boycotted by Obama.

The 2012 Democratic primaries, where Obama had no serious opposition, show big votes against Obama around the U.S.: NH-18%; MO—11.7%; MI—10.6%; OK-42.9%; MA-11.2%; TN-11.5%, AL-19.2%; LA-23.5%; MD-11.6%; RI-16.6%; NC-20.8%; WV-40.6%; OR-5.3%; AR-41.6%; KY-42.1%; TX-11.7%. In Texas and elsewhere, the anti-Obama vote was suppressed, because press did not report that Obama opponents were on the ballot.

Democratic Senate candidates, including incumbents, are running away from Obama; notably, Sens. Tester (MT), McCaskill (MO), Bill Nelson (FL), Manchin (WV), and former Sen. Bob Kerrey (NE).

Even though Congress is widely despised, Democratic leaders are viewed far less favorably than Obama's "obstructionist" Republicans. Disapproval ratings, according to one poll: Pelosi-56%; Boehner, 41%; Senate: Reid (52%) to McConell's 33%.

June 13, Russia Today reported a Pew Research Center poll on Obama, taken in 21 countries, which shows a decline in his popularity worldwide. Confidence in Obama in the EU has dropped by 6% since 2009. Muslim countries reported the lowest approval ratings of the U.S. at 24 percent, dropping by 9% since Obama's election. In China, Obama's popularity dropped by 24% over the last three years. Pew found that drone strikes were a major factor.

A Siena College poll found that Jewish support for Obama in New York dropped by 22%; 51% of Jewish voters support Obama, and 43% are opposed to him; 5% are undecided. The same poll found that Romney would get 20% of the African-American vote in North Carolina, compared with 76% for Obama, if the election were today. In 2008, Obama won 95% of the African-American vote there. While both these polls represent only one state, New York has a huge Jewish population, and Charlotte is a stronghold of black voters. Public Policy Polling found that Obama support among black voters in North Carolina fell from 86 to 77% from May to June.